Working together

At Lily and Myrtle were passionate about what we do, working closely with our clients to create stylish bespoke displays for all occasions.

Our aim is, quite simply, to create lovely environments, whether this is for a glittering charity ball, corporate event or serene and romantic wedding venue.

Lily & Myrtle design for all styles and tastes - traditional, classic and elegant, modern and funky, and everything in between - combining colours, flowers and scents to create the desired look and ambience.

Why Lily & Myrtle?

Lily and Myrtle offer a modern approach to a traditional profession. Our clients benefit from all the knowledge born of traditional training and 26 years of collective experience. We combine this with a proudly modern commitment to excellent and reliable customer service and are known for our exciting, contemporary and innovative approach to floral design.

Lily and Myrtle喾site is currently in development. In the interim please download the PDF's below for examples of our work, or email us to arrange a consultation.

Wedding PDF

Telephone: 0845 130 2451

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